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Allen Station

Nearest cross streets: Allen and Corson 
On nearby streets

There are five reasons to disembark from a Gold Line train at Allen station.

Golkd Line Allen Station Grill

1. The massive tile and iron grill artwork by Michael Amescua at the station entrance is amazing and worth taking a closer look at--even though the light is poor under the 210 freeway. It is a shame that this grand and beautiful work is essentially hidden from wider public view.  You can see more of his metal work on the platform above this entrance.

  Gold Line Allen Station Grill detail Detail of the painted iron grill which surrounds the entrance to the Allen Gold Line station

Jameson and Brown Coffee Shop
2. What is arguably the best coffee in Pasadena is brewed and served at Jameson and Brown Coffee Roasters.  This quiet coffee house is located about a block south of the station in an old brown brick storage facility.  They actually roast coffee in the back of the facility. 

3. You want to visit the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens, which is about a  mile and a half south of the station on Allen Avenue. 

The art collection at the Huntington is good, mostly European. The Gardens are outstanding.

And the Huntington Tea Room is a delight--and quite often booked solidly in advance. The atmosphere inside is quaint and the English high tea delicious.  In warm weather you can eat outside on a patio surrounded by trees and flowers. 

4.  You are on your way to the Pasadena City College campus, about a mile or so away.  The food around the campus is, by and large, cheap fast food--the kind that students thrive on.

5.  Or you live in the neighborhood. 

How to create a "Night Garden" to enjoy on warm summer evenings.

Other sights to see:
Bradbury building detail chinatown los angeles california Alexander Calder red sculpture Los Angeles
See the famed Bradbury Building where 'Blade Runner' was filmed. Visit Chinatown from the Gold Line station and see this colorful neighborhood. See this Alexander Calder sculpture on the L.A. public art walking tour.

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