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Chapman Woods sunlight

Morning sunlight shines through the trees lining a street in the Chapman Woods neighborhood of Pasadena.  The trees and shrubs surrounding many houses are so dense that the homes can barely be seen from the streets.


Chapman Woods lives up to its name:  it is one of the most woodsy neighborhoods in Pasadena.  Generously sprawling ranch style homes were built on large lots in this area starting in the 1960s and the homeowners planted trees with a vengeance!   Since then some of the ranch homes have been enlarged; other have been converted to other architectural styles.  Other homes were built originally with a definitely sophisticated rustic air.  And yet other homes are simply mansions.

Chapman Woods is the easternmost neighborhood in Pasadena, adjacent to exclusive San Marino on one side and Arcadia on the other.   

  Chapman Woods home 1 The steep pitch of the roof on this home in Chapman Woods plus other details were apparently borrowed from Japanese traditional homes.  Inside: all the modern conveniences.


Chapman Woods mansion Was this ever a ranch style home?  Unlikely.  This mansion in Chapman Woods  is new and on a very large lot.  Large lots are definitely a characteristic of this area.


Chapman Woods home 2 This ranch style home is typical of many homes built in the outer areas of Chapman Woods.  Large homes and mansions were constructed toward the center of this Pasadena neighborhood.

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