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Mars Rover Curiosity model at JPL

A full size model of NASA's new Mars Rover, the Curiosity, at the JPL Open House in May 2011. 

The Curiosity, which is the size of a small SUV, now roams Mars' surface.


Larger than the Spirit and Opportunity rovers, the Curiosity's aluminum wheels can climb up and over rougher terrain.  The woman in the blue T-shirt on the right controlled this model from her cell phone!    

Once a year, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena opens its doors to the public for one weekend.  Thousands of peoplem with tickets from their website show up to see what JPL and NASA are currently doing. 

This year the central focus was two model Mars Rovers in the Mall area.  There were also presentations about earth exploration as well as NASA missions to discover distant galaxies.  And more!

  Mars Rpover Spirit full size model The two Mars rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, already on the red planet, look just like this operational model on display at JPL.  Powered by the solar panels on top, both rovers lasted much longer than the original 3 months scheduled in 2004.  The Opportunity still crawls across the Mars surface and send reports back.  Spirit has gone silent.
Ask An Astronaut at JPL Open House JPL and NASA stationed scientists willing and able to answer questions all over the place!  At this location on the JPL campus visitors could ask questions of astronauts and engineers.
Jet Propulsion Lab earth globe on roof
The JPL campus is in a beautiful location in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Pasadena, California. 

Resting on top of the entry to one building is a large model of Earth.

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory's official website is here. 

Poodle Springs signed by Parker


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