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Maravilla Station
Nearest cross streets: East Third and S. Ford in L.A.
Schedule: Every 15 minutes during daytime
Bikes: Bike rack spaces

The Maravilla Gold Line station is definitely a neighborhood station.

Maravilla Gold Line station 

There is a delicacy about the Maravilla Metro Gold Line station that stands in contrast to a neighborhood where security bars are standard on windows and doors. 

  Maravilla Gold Line station canopy detail The insets in the white umbrella-like canopies at the station have an almost lace-like effect. The graphic elements that make up the lacey pattern are old-time bus tokens.  The artwork, called "Hearts of Token" is by Jose Lopez.
Maravilla Gold Line station hanging plaque Continuing the image of delicacy are the hanging metal panels beneath the canopies. 

Unfortunately, these panels are almost impossible to view from the station platform and difficult to decipher from across the street.

Away from the Maravilla Gold Line station you will not find much in the way of cultural interest.  However, you do not have to go away hungry.   

King Taco sign at East L.A. King Taco is one of the best Mexican take-out restaurants in all Southern California and it is right across the street from the station. Fill up with a lunch of tamales, tacos and burritos at outdoor tables.

How to create a "Night Garden" to enjoy on warm summer evenings.

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