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Mariachi Plaza Station
Location: 1831 E. 1st, L.A.
Schedule: Every 15 minutes during daytime

When you want to hire a Mariachi band for your event, you can find them virtually every day and evening at Mariachi Plaza. This tradition goes back decades--long before the Metro Gold Line was even a gleam in transport engineers' eyes.

Mariachi Plaza Gold Line entrance

The Mariachi Plaza Gold Line station seems somewhat austere underground. (Like at the Soto station the Gold Line is a subway at this point.) You will see diamond-shaped tiles in subdued colors on the floors of the lower levels.  

But the diamond shapes become exciting when interpreted in the dramatic stained glass canopy sheltering the entrance. Surrounding the entrance in Mariachi Plaza are a forest of street lights, flooding the plaza with light at night.

  Mariachi Plaza Gold Line station bandstand At this Gold Line station is a grand bandstand (or Kiosk). Bandstands in central plazas are an old Mexican tradition and this one was donated by the state of Jalisco in Mexico.

Mariachi Plaza station Lucha Reyes statue
Nearby is a statue of Lucha Reyes, a famous singer in the early 1900s.  Behind her is one of several murals with mariachi themes on the walls of local businesses which surround the plaza.

Mariachi Plaza mural detail
A detail of a mural in an alley near the Mariachi Plaza Gold Line station.

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