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Memorial Park Station (east of station)
Location: 125 E. Holly, Pasadena
Schedule: Every 15 minutes during daytime
Part 1 -
around the station
Part 2-  East from the station
Part 3 - West of the station into Old Town

Pasadena City Hall interior courtyard

Coming out of the station you will see, to the east, the Pasadena City Hall on a grand esplanade with the architecturally distinguished library at one end and the convention center at the other. Two museums are on the other side of it, so walk through the central courtyard of City Hall.

This photo is of the interior of the Pasadena City Hall courtyard.

  Tile wall Pasadena Continue through the City Hall courtyard, across the street to view an incredibly beautiful tiled wall and whimsical fountains that extend behind the Westin hotel. The "eats" at this location will be obvious.

Then continue across the next street, Los Robles, and you will see both the Pacific Asia Museum and the Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA).  

Pacific Asia Museum front Pasadena California The Pacific Asia Museum was originally built as a private residence for a woman who, obviously, loved Chinese architecture. Personally, I think the building is more interesting than many of the exhibitions.  It is worth a visit to see the interior.

Kenny Scarf graphics at PMCA Pasadena

In contrast, a half a block to the east on Holly Street PMCA has the external appearance of yet another boring modern structure. But starting in the ground floor garage where Kenny Scharf's artwork decorates every wall, this museum is anything but boring.

The exhibitions are fabulous and fascinating. The museum has no permanent collection, but three or four times a year they mount eye-opening shows of works by California artists. Check the hours at PMCA before you visit.

Now on to the third museum and Old Town Pasadena

Or back to the Memorial Park Gold Line station environs 

Poodle Springs signed by Parker

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