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Honlulu St. in Montrose, Glendale CA

Flags are flying along Honolulu St. in a statement of patriotism.  And the jacaranda trees make it a pleasure to dine al fresco, then stroll and shop in the boutiques and stores. 

Shopping on Honolulu Street in the Montrose neighborhood in northern Glendale is a tale of two experiences. 

Weekdays this quiet street is lined with stores and restaurants that seem to go back in time to the 1950s and '60s.  You will find children's toys, pets, books, formals, casual clothes, nightgowns, quilt supplies, eyeglasses, travel agents, chiropractors, day spas, a college extension, lots of banks -- and you can pick up a tube of toothpaste and a local newspaper, too.  And all the shops and restaurants, except one or two, are independently owned.  This is definitely not your basic Mall shopping!

Then, on Sunday mornings the street bursts into life with the Montrose Harvest Market -- a combination farmers market and collectibles faire with a big helping of children's activities, including live pony rides, thrown in for good measure.  Sometimes there is live music, too.

And just to be clear about it, Montrose is not a neighborhood in Pasadena.  It is located within the city limits of Glendale about 10 minutes west on the 210 freeway.  Take the Ocean View exit and go south-- downhill -- to Honolulu St.

And it is worth taking two drives to this neighborhood--one weekday, one Sunday--to enjoy the two experiences.

    Japanese restaurant in Montrose Generational and ethnic changes are going on in Montrose as evidenced by the growing number of Asian and international restaurants.  


White Art Gallery on Honolulu Street Whites is a fine art gallery that has occupied the same location for decades.  It is definitely worth a visit.

How to create a "Night Garden" to enjoy on warm summer evenings.

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