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San Marino, which is adjacent to the Pasadena neighborhood of Oak Knoll, is the most affluent city in the Pasadena area.  The population is about 13,000; the median household income is $144,000.

San Marino consists almost entirely of large homes on spacious lots.  It also has the most households headed by teenagers because many east Asian families send their children to San Marino for their education while the parents remain at home across the Pacific.  The schools have that good of a reputation.  The School Board and City Council, however, are examining ways to require at least one adult in a household. 

mansion in San Marino California This Tudor-inspired home is one example of the varied architectural styles found in San Marino.

  Spanish Revival home in San Marino  A few houses away from the home shown above are these Spanish Revival style homes.


Tudor home in San Marino California This home could easily be in England or the East Coast of the U.S. -- except for the flowers lining the sidewalks when this photo was taken in February.  No snow here!

San Marino has two main shopping areas; both with independent stores that stock merchandise and provide services to San Marino residents.  Huntington Drive at Sierra Madre Blvd. is the "downtown" of San Marino.  This small city is not especially designed for tourists.

Julienne restaurant San Marino A little-known cluster of shops in San Marino can be found on West Mission Street, not far from South Pasadena.  Many of the stores sell upscale home accessories.  There is one very popular restaurant, Julienne, which is busy from morning to night.

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