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Soto Station
Location: 2330 E. First, L.A.
Schedule: Every 15 minutes during daytime

Bikes: Bike racks and bike lockers at station

The Gold Line is a subway at the Soto station. 

Capitalizing on that, the station art works are inspired by birds and sky and create a very dramatic and magical effect as you ascend from the platform below.

  Soto Station Gold Line nest and wall map High above the escalator you will see a wire bird's nest containing a  blue "egg" hanging  the ceiling.  On the wall, a tile map of the area with soaring birds.

Soto Station Metro Gold Line Sky Inside tile
 A few steps further and the tile wall announces that you are experiencing the "Sky Inside". All the art within the station was created by Nobuho Nagasawa.  On the escalator to the street level there are more metal sculptures of birds.

Soto Station Metro Gold Line Plaza
Above ground the station gives a rather different impression--almost like an oil derrick in a large open plaza. This may, however, be due to engineering issues.  Or maybe not.

It is definitely worth disembarking at this station to see the subterranean birds and sky.  These photos do not do the interior of this station justice. 

How to create a "Night Garden" to enjoy on warm summer evenings.

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