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Southwest Museum Station
and Highland Park Station
Schedule: Every 15 minutes during daytime
Parking: No free parking at either station.  Bike racks available.

The Southwest Museum of the American Indian sits atop a hill across the street from the Gold Line station. This museum, now operated by the Autry National Center, contains a treasury of native American art works.

Seating at Southwest Museum Gold Line Station

The art works at the Southwest Museum Gold Line station (at 4600 Marmion, L.A.) itself are an eclectic mix. The seating includes these three objects. What ties together a Corinthian capital, a dice and a cast iron fern chair is beyond us.The station artwork was conceived by the late Teddy Sandoval and executed by Paul Polubinskas.

  Southwest Museum Station tile angels
Then, on towering columns beside the station are three tile-covered winged statues. The contrasts among the works of art at this station give the impression that the artist's mind went in five different directions.  But perhaps that is representative of Los Angeles.

Instead of trying to find somewhere to eat at either the Highland Park or Southwest Museum Stations, go either to Chinatown or Pasadena for dining. 

Highland Park Gold Line station The Highland Park Gold Line Station (at 1512 N. Avenue 57, L.A.) is definitely for neighborhood use. In this area the Gold Line train rolls along slowly on a city street like a trolley. The copper-clad stone tree is by Jud Fine.

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