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The three Pasadena neighborhoods west of the Arroyo Seco-- Linda Vista, San Rafael and Annandale-- became part of the city about 30 years after Pasadena was founded.  And to this day, they have a very rural atmosphere.  Large and small homes along winding streets in these hilly areas are almost hidden from view among the trees.  So rural, in fact, it is difficult to believe these neighborhoods are in the Los Angeles megalopolis!

Indian Flats was the name of Linda Vista initially because a small population of Native Americans who had escaped from the San Gabriel Mission found refuge there.  By the time American and European immigrants moved into area in the late 1800s, the natives had moved on.  Within a couple of years the newcomers founded their own homeowners group in order to fend of annexation efforts by the city of Pasadena.   This independent spirit survives today.

Linda Vista modern home Pasadena Because Linda Vista remains somewhat isolated from the main part of Pasadena, there is more open space.  In the last three decades homeowners have built contemporary homes up the hillsides with spectacular views of the Arroyo and San Gabriel Valley.

The most dramatic views are at the top of Lida Street in the northern end of Linda Vista.


  modern homes in Linda Vista Pasadena Linda Vista Ave., the old road into the area, is lined with a mix of ranch houses, many built in the 1960s.  The larger homes in the neighborhood are of more recent vintage.

Annandale is a small neighborhood of upscale homes surrounding the Annandale Golf Club just off the 134 Freeway and is south of Linda Vista and north of San Rafael.  

San Rafael Pasadena mansion The San Rafael neighborhood has many estate-size homes on estate-size grounds.  Many are completely hidden from the street -- either obscured by trees and gardens or sited behind high walls and gates.  San Rafael also has the only lake in Pasadena surrounded by homes.


San Rafael Hills Pasadena home Smaller-than-estate-size homes are also found in San Rafael, especially in the northern part of the neighborhood.  This ranch house is also typical of the style of homes found along Linda Vista Ave.

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